Study process in Ukraine

More than 60 thousand foreign students from 145 countries study in Ukraine.

Educational system in Ukraine

1. School (grades 1-11). The term of training is 11 years.

2. College or Technical College (optional). Term of training - 3 years.

3. Higher education:

  • Bachelor - 4 years

  • Master - 1-2 years (3 medicine, veterinary medicine)

  • Post graduate student - (up to 3 years)

4. Doctoral studies.


There are 657 universities in Ukraine.

More than 60 thousand foreign students from 145 countries study in Ukraine.

Students can choose the language of studying program:

These regions are the most popular for foreign student:

Areas of origin of foreign students studying in Ukraine:

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Study in Ukraine university

How is education system in Ukraine organized?

Let us consider it on the example of medical university in Ukraine. So, for example, if you want to study medicine in Ukraine (as like any other specialization so) you will be interested of the following questions:

How is the education system and education process organized?
Is medical university of Ukraine recognized in the world?
How to get to study - registration for admission in Ukraine 2019-2020.

If you want firstly to read more about the reasons why should study medicine in Ukraine or about study medicine in Ukraine cost - read the previous article here.

How is the education system in Ukraine organized?

Study in Ukraine for international students in the most medical universities in Ukraine is available in English. You can also study in Ukrainian or Russian, and this is usually a little bit cheaper. Studying Dentistry or studying Pharmacy in Ukraine lasts 5 years. General Medicine, or even MBBS, is a more complex specialty, therefore, training for a doctor in all medical schools in Ukraine in English language (as like all around the world) is always longer than training for any other specialization and lasts 6 years.

Study in Ukraine university to become a neurosurgeon as an example. Let's assume you want to become a neurosurgeon, but you cannot find this specialty at any of the Ukrainian medical universities. Why? The fact is that neurosurgery is a very narrow specialty, and no one can immediately come to the university and begin to study only neurosurgery itself. The educational process is organized and arranged in such a way that absolutely all students (and international students also) from the first year enter the General Medicine, but only at the end of their study they acquire a narrower specialization, such as neurosurgery, cardiology, etc. First, you must become a doctor in the broadest sense of this word, and after that you become a specialist of the narrow profile. The same principle acts for every specialization and no matter what are you studying for - you can study medicine in Ukraine, study international law in Ukraine, or study civil engineering in Ukraine, or even study cinema art in Ukraine. You always need to get a basic knowledges about your specialization and only after that to become a professional in some narrower specialization. You also can find a little bit more information about education system in Ukraine here on the main page.

Are medical universities in Ukraine recognized in the world?

Yes, it is recognized. Ukraine is a member of the Lisbon Convention, which includes the most European countries. According to the terms of this convention, all its participants are obliged to recognize diplomas of each other's, and the standards of education system and educational programs of these countries are created in the similar level. And this rule works not only for medical universities Ukraine, but for nursing schools in Ukraine, universities in Ukraine for engineering, aviation universities in Ukraine, and also for every state or private university in Ukraine. It is worth noting that in each individual country, some additional laws that regulate the qualification requirements of individual specialists may apply. For example, a diploma obtained while studying in Ukraine will be recognized in your country, but the employer will ask you to take a test to confirm your professional skills. Often such tests should be taken even in you have a national diploma of your country, because even if you have a diploma, it is not so important (the diploma itself) as your ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. You can be sure that every medical university in Ukraine are able to give you enough professional skills to complete any test. You could even finish a postgraduate medical courses in Ukraine.

How to study in Ukraine - admission in Ukraine 2019-2020.

Study in Ukraine university

How to be enrolled to study in Ukraine this year? First of all, calculate the study in Ukraine cost. You must be sure that you can pay the university fees for the first year (or for the half year) of your study, as well as cover all the costs of preparing your documents. Although studying in Ukraine is the cheapest, but it's still not free. And there are not any scholarships at universities in Ukraine for international student. If you are sure that you have enough money to pay for your study after your arrival to Ukraine and to be living in Ukraine as a student, then you must act now. Do not waste time and immediately fill in the application form here at our site to start your university admission.

We will help you to find the most suitable medical university in Ukraine, prepare all the documents for the university admission and will accompany you during your study in Ukraine. Read more detailed about registration process step by step here.

The academic year begins on September 1. Last date for coming to study is the 30th of November. You also could arrive and start studying in Ukraine even in winter from the winter-course, but we usually recommend to start from autumn. The preparation of documents, apply for Ukraine student visa and the entire registration process can last from 3 and even to 6 months, so it is necessary to start right now. We also create special extra groups for those students who are late in autumn and start studying from February 1, so contact us at any time during the year and we will help you to begin your study in the upcoming academic period.

Hurry up and start right now - your medical education cannot wait one more year!