Cost of studying in Ukraine

Ukraine is an economically attractive country with the cheapest life in Europe. Read the article below about Study in Ukraine cost

How much does it cost to live in Ukraine


in public transport:


bus: 0,2€

tram: 0,25€


juice packaging: 0,5€

1 kg of meat: 4€

10 eggs: 0,8€

1 liter of milk: 0,9€

Rental of property

apartment per month 40m: 150€

student hostel (double room): 40€

Train ticket

across the country: 10€

Living Conditions:


Welcoming Culture and Hard-Working People


Humid continental climate with warm winter and lovely summer

An extensive history

There are more than 50 medieval castles in Ukraine

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Ukraine University Fees

Study in Ukraine cost

Tuition fee in Ukraine it is one of the most attractive factors that cause the most students decide to come to study in Ukraine.

Ukraine University Fees
University fees in Ukraine is one of the lowest in the world and one of the most affordable in Europe. This is especially noticeable in the field of medical specialties, if you examine study medicine in Ukraine cost. An additional important factor is the total cost of living in Ukraine, that is much lower than in the most European countries. Let's discuss all these factors seriatim.

Ukraine University Fees of one year of study in Ukraine mostly depends on two factors: the chosen specialty and the chosen language of the training course. Speaking about specialties, the most expensive is study medicine in Ukraine cost. To study at a medical university in Ukraine, you need to pay from $2500 to $5000 per year. But also you can study Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy in English language for only $2000 per year in one of the best medical universities in Ukraine. Medical professions are always the most expensive. All other specialties will cost much less. For example, the economy can be studied for $1200-1900 per year, study international law and international relations - $1500-3000 per year, study in Ukraine engineering is for $2000-3000 per year. Particularly interesting for international students are aviation universities in Ukraine with a variety of aviation specialties and aircraft engineering, that can be studied for $2000-3250 per year, for example in National Aviation University. As well as specialties related to the film industry for only $1400-1800 per year might be very interesting for many students. There are many English speaking universities in Ukraine, where you can find almost any specialty and study in Ukraine in English language.
Contact our company with a specific request and we will choose a universities in Ukraine with low tuition fees for you to study.

How does the language of the course affect the tuition fee?

English universities.
Ukrainian is the state language of Ukraine, therefore, the study in this language is available in any specialty at any university of Ukraine. Slightly less courses are in English, but usually all the most popular courses among international students are available for full study in some university in Ukraine that speaks English. It does not significantly affect the annual tuition fee. For example, at one of the best medical universities in Ukraine, the course of medicine (MBBS) in Ukrainian costs $2,500 per year, and the same course in English will cost $3,500 per year. Studying Dentistry in Ukrainian language will cost $2,600 and $3,800 in English language at the same medical school in Ukraine in English. Such a big difference in the price is only for medical specialties. If you want to know more about medical schools in Ukraine and their fees read here.
For other specialties, the difference is much smaller. For example, studying the economy in Ukraine in Ukrainian language is possible for $1,200 per year, and in English - for just $600 per year. Or you can study engineering for $2,000 in Ukrainian language and just $2,300 in English. As you can see there are have always been cheapest university in Ukraine for international students even if you want to study Ukraine in English.

Obviously, the most significant savings are in the study medicine in Ukraine in the Ukrainian language. But what to do in case foreign students do not know the Ukrainian language, but want to study in Ukrainian? For this purpose, there are special language courses at the university, where students learn not only the language but also the features of the terminology of their future specialty. These courses last from 6 to 10 months and cost about $ 900-1,200 for a full course (in some universities of Ukraine it can cost even $ 2000, but you always can choose the cheapest one). However, the most international students usually prefer to study in Ukraine in English language and do not spend time on preparatory courses for studying the Ukrainian language. And what if you do not know English well, but want to study in university in Ukraine that teach in English? Some Ukraine universities offer a special in-depth English language training course and we will help you to get into this course.

Read more about Ukraine student visa fees here.
And remember that coming to Ukraine for study always has some expanses, because you need to pay for not only Ukraine visa application fee, but for other admission expenses, as like translation your documents, notarization, legalization, insurance etc. To save money and time you always can trust this work to our education consultancy EDUkraine, and you will get a full assistance on every step of your admission process and studying in Ukraine. Read more about our services here.

Study in Ukraine cost
What is the cost of living in Ukraine?

All of that depends on where and what conditions you want to live in. In some universities in Ukraine you can live in the student dormitory from $ 200 per year and it is really very cheap. The conditions in the dormitories for such prices are not always good, that’s why some students choose upgraded dormitories that cost from $ 40- $ 50 to $ 100- $150 per month. Other students eventually prefer to live in a rented apartment. If you rent one apartment together with your friends, then it costs cheap enough. For example, the cost of renting an apartment in the cities of Ukraine starts from $ 200-250 per month, in case you choose a universities in Lviv, Ternopil, or study in Kharkov or Zaporozhye, and if you want to study in Kiev, usually housing prices start from $ 300-350 per month.
Food in Ukraine is relatively inexpensive. For example, bread can be bought for 60 cents, a litre of milk - 1 dollar.
Public transport fare is about 25-30 cents.
A lot of students ask if it is possible to study in Ukraine and work simultaneously? Yes, it is possible. A lot of international students do in such a way. It helps to cover the cost of education and maintain yourself financially. It all depends on your desire and efforts.
We look forward to meeting you in Ukraine, where quality education is always at the lowest cost.
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