Safety and Business in Ukraine

In Ukraine have been created a favorable atmosphere for doing business for foreigners. A low tax rate and cheap labor force are attracting more and more foreign investors.

Doing business in Ukraine

Individual entrepreneur

Individual entrepreneur - tax at the opening - 0 $.
The tax rate per month is from 5 to 18%


A legal entity, a founder (1 or more individuals or legal entities) –
Opening tax is 0%. The tax rate is from 10% to 22%


From 1€/per hour to 15€/per hour, depending on the type of activity and qualification of the employee


In Ukraine, certain activities are subject to licensing

What does a foreigner need to start a business in Ukraine?

To register an enterprise in Ukraine, a foreigner must obtain an INN code

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Universities in Ukraine for international student

Is it safe to study in Ukraine?
What problems can an international student in Ukraine have?


These questions cause some particularly concern to future international students and their parents. Moving to a new country is always accompanied by many difficulties and it is always better to be prepared for them in advance.

Are racism and discrimination present in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian mentality is very hospitable and friendly. Ukraine is a multinational country. This is one of the factors that affect the relatively low level of racism in Ukraine. Although, we understand that racism can sometimes be encountered absolutely in any country, and it often depends on the level of education of individuals, not the whole nation. If you talk about the whole nation of Ukrainians, it is quite tolerant, especially in comparison with neighbouring countries in Europe, where, due to the dominance of emigrants, there is a much higher racism level.
Why is there a high level of tolerance and hospitality among Ukrainians to the other people and nations? The answer is simple - this has been already part of the historically formed Ukrainian mentality. For example, for centuries the Ukrainian lands have been under the rule of other states and always had to get along with foreigners. Ukraine was a part of the USSR, the state was consisting of 15 union republics and hundreds of peoples, and one of the key principles of the USSR system was the peaceful coexistence of all peoples.

Also, the tourism industry is developing in Ukraine, that makes contemporary citizens even more hospitable to foreigners, and international students in Ukraine, as they are the source of the Ukrainian economy growth.
In this topic, there is only one potential problem - this is the rental of housing for international students. Unfortunately, many international students have shown themselves not very well in the eyes of local Ukrainian lessors. Those, who give their apartments for a rent, are often afraid to rent them to foreign tenants, because they do not want students break or make something dirty. Moreover, it is more difficult to come to a mutual understanding with a foreign tenant. Therefore, the only form of discrimination against international students in Ukraine can be called only that it is a little harder and sometimes a little more expensive to rent an apartment for them.

However, our EDUkraine company knows how to solve this problem and we help all our clients, in case of need, to rent an apartment. Our firm acts as a guarantor and guarantees good behaviour of our international students to the lessor. We can even rent a dwelling on the name of our firm and an international student will calmly live in it without having unnecessary contacts with the owner of the dwelling.

Is it safe to study in Ukraine?

Yes, it is quite safe to live and study in Ukraine. The conflict in the East of Ukraine is local and concentrated only in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In all other cities of Ukraine, the situation is completely calm and free from unrest. It's easy to see with the help of online webcams produce live broadcasting of the everyday life from the different cities of Ukraine. And of course it is easy to see in tourist activity in Ukraine.

Universities in Ukraine for international student
What about bureaucracy?

Every year it becomes ever easier to solve all issues related to permissions, documents and other bureaucratic actions.The rules are simplified, and unnecessary restrictions are removed. This is especially true for foreigners, since working with them is an important for the image of the state. However, bureaucracy in Ukraine is still a problem and sometimes it can take a lot of time and efforts from those who need to get some permission, or to make some documents. Trust all bureaucratic issues to us. We will prepare for you all the necessary documents and we will be ready to solve any problem as soon as possible. Especially in case of arrangement you study at universities of Ukraine. And even if you would like to start your own business in Ukraine.

By the way, we encourage you to be careful with educational agencies that are located directly in your country.Very often they hide some details and prices from international students, and then they are forced to pay extra money for hidden services. Often, agencies abroad only collect students, take from them a high commission, and then pass on to the same agencies from Ukraine, that do all the work.
Apply to agents working directly from Ukraine to avoid paying extra fee. Our company is based in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and our employees are ready to remotely accompany your entrance university process, from the preparation of all documents at your home and throughout your studying process upon arrival to Ukraine. We are always here to help you.

Watch also a video about racism in Ukraine from a Nigerian student who studied medicine in Ternopil state medical university. As well as an opinion on Ukrainian hospitality and mentality from a student from Iran who studied in Kyiv.
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