Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is the cheapest country in the Europe for living and for getting quality education. It is the largest European country with good logistics and a pleasant climate.

Why education in Ukraine?

Quality education

Ukrainian education system is recognized as one of the best of Eastern Europe

Saving money

Ukrainian education – one of the most inexpensive educations of the world

Diploma is accepted in the world

Ukrainian diploma is accepted in most countries around the world

Internship abroad

The possibility of raising the level of education and have an internship abroad


Ukraine was ranked second in the ranking of countries with the cheapest Internet access in the world in 2017.

Study medicine in Ukraine

Ukraine medical university

In this article we will discuss the following questions:

Why to study medicine in Ukraine?
Study medicine in Ukraine cost?
How much?

We will show only a few key reasons why you have to come to study medicine in Ukraine.

Quality of education in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the countries that were formers of the Soviet Union, and among all the countries of the Soviet Union, Ukraine is famous for the best level of university education in Ukraine. The level of medical universities in Ukraine has always been high. Historically, the Ukrainian specialists have made a huge contribution to the development of world medicine. Studying in Ukraine will help you to become a top-notch healthcare professional. You can read more about study in Ukraine and Educational system in Ukraine at the article below on the main page.

Study medicine in Ukraine cost. And the cost of living Ukraine also.

The cost of medical education in Ukraine is one of the lowest in the whole world. The higher education is not cheap, and obtaining higher medical education, or mbbs, usually costs twice as much as any other specialty. If the cost of studying in most countries of the world starts from 6-10 thousand dollars per year, then in Ukraine university tuition fees for study medicine in English are from 3500 dollars per year. And if you finish a special preparatory course of studying the Ukrainian language, then you guarantee will be enrolled on studying medicine in Ukrainian language and the cost of studying will be lower for $ 1,000 - starting from 2500 dollars per year. Medical schools in Ukraine sometimes could change their tuition fees, but we could compare some fees for the moment of publishing this article to find the cheapest university in Ukraine for international students to study medicine.
If you want to study in Kiev you have a few options to become a medical student here in the capital of Ukraine.

Kyiv Medical University - is the cheapest option where you can study General medicine for 2500 USD per year in Ukrainian or Russian language, or for 3500 USD in English language. It is private medical university.

Bogomolets national medical university.
Tuition fees: 3500 USD in Ukrainian or Russian and 4500 USD in English. It is state university and one of the oldest and the most popular medical university in Ukraine.
In Ukraine medical university usually located in every big city. So let's consider only a couple examples.

Ternopil state medical university.
In Ternopil you can study general medicine in English only for 3800 USD per year (it is Medical Doctor Degree, equivalent to MBBS). And there are also a good option to study Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy for just only 2000 USD per year. Or study Nursing for 3300 USD per year (Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing).

National Pirogov memorial medical university.
It is state university located in Vinnytsia. Tuition fees: 4000 USD in Ukrainian or Russian and 5000 USD in English. It is one of the most expensive option for study medicine in Ukraine, and also generally for study in Ukraine in English for any specialization it is one of the highest fees.
There are many other medical universities in Ukraine, like Kharkov national medical university, Ivano Frankivsk national medical university, or Zaporozhye state medical university, and different options for study medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing or other specializations. Just keep calm and trust us to search for the best option for you and your budget.

However, in Ukraine university fees is not the main item of your expenses when you would like to study abroad. Each student has permanent living expenses: he pays housing, food and transport. And in this area, cost of living Ukraine has no equal in the world, because Ukraine is one of the cheapest places to live from all over the countries of the Europe. Medical student dormitories cost from $ 45 per month, and a separate rented apartment - from $ 260 per month (depending on the city and conditions), transport costs 35 cents, and a complete meal at a local place of public catering - $ 2. If in other European countries it is necessary to have at least $ 1,000 in a month for life needs, then to live and study in Ukraine as an international student it is needed twice or even three times less. Now we see that quality of medical schools in Ukraine and their fees are the main advantages for study medicine in Ukraine.

If you want to read more information about study in Ukraine cost and in general about cost of living in Ukraine go to this page.

The second part of this article about studying medicine in Ukraine where you will be able to read about recognition of medical universities of Ukraine in the world is here below on the page about study process.

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