What does EDUkraine company offers you?

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Our company provides following services:

Main services
General Service Package
Handling incoming calls (customer service)
Choosing the university for education
Choosing the specialization for education
Providing interview for company representative
Providing invitation for study
DHL Documents delivery
Translation the documents for consulate in order to receive the visa
Medical insurance (1 year)
Coaching for the visa interview in the Ukrainian embassy
Selection the place of accommodation during the study in Ukraine
Assistance in purchasing airline tickets
Meeting at the airport/Transfer from airport
Assistance in providingeducation payments
Personal coordinator after arriving to Ukraine (3 months)
Tour for a first acquaintance with the city (Kiev only)
Opening a bank account
Selection the place for summer internship in Ukraine or Abroad
Assistance in getting residence permit

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Study abroad consultants

What are the benefits of using education agent services?


Almost all the entrants who are going to study abroad at some point ask themselves the question: Do I need an educational agent or study abroad consultants? This is a good question, because only over time you know how much paper and organizational work is needed to accomplish, with what to do in time and not too late in terms, in order to come to study in Ukraine or any other country in the world. Some international students decide to try to do everything for themselves and therefore risk to miss the terms of their admission open campaign, belatedly submitting the necessary documents. Some students have friends and relatives in the country where they want to go to study, and with their help students prepare everything in time. And what to do if you do not have a friends who know the local language very well and are familiarized with the laws of the state and the conditions for successful admission to study in Ukraine? It is obviously that it is worth to ask the study consultants to help you. Even if you have friends who are ready to help you, the help of a professional study agent will not be superfluous, as the education agent knows how to do everything right from the first time, and therefore helps to significantly save money and time in the process of preparation. Read more about How to study in Ukraine here.

Study abroad consultants

Professional education consultants have established contacts with all universities, and universities are primarily interested in working with consultants, as agents carry out most of the preparatory work instead of universities and thus facilitate the whole process both for the university and for the entrant. Moreover, some services are not provided by the universities and that causes that the student is obligated to process documents over and repeatedly and sometimes they even cannot begin studying until the end of the introductory campaign term.

What are the benefits of using education agent services?

- The study agent does all the organizational work correctly and has extensive experience in working with international students.

- The education agent knows the local language, and therefore will check the correctness and reliability of all your documents translation.

- The study consultant knows the local laws and regulations, and constantly monitors their changes, so that the international student has no unexpected surprises and could comfortably start studying at university.

- The education consultant has contracts with local universities, thanks to what his clients receive the primary right to enter the university.

- Universities prefer to work through study abroad organizations, because the agent does a large part of the preparatory work instead of the university and thus unloads the university staff.

- Most universities want every international student has a local representative who would be the contact person and responsible for the timely fulfillment of all university requirements and would help the student to solve everyday problems.

Which abroad education consultancy firm is the best contact to?

It is the easiest way to contact an agency in your country, but it is best to contact an agent in the country that you are going to study in. Why? Because the agency in your country is working on a simple scheme: to find a student, to take a commission from him and to transfer it to the agent-company in Ukraine, who will do all the work. It is therefore better to contact the agency in Ukraine directly and thus to avoid spending extra money on the agent in your country who does not perform any work besides mediation. Usually, educational agencies in Ukraine, such as our company, have representatives in the most countries that will help you to prepare the necessary package of documents at your place of residence. But the most importantly, the representatives of our agency are always located directly in Ukraine and will be constantly there to help you after your arrival and during your education in Ukraine.

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