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To get education in Ukraine every foreign student needs to have an invitation letter from the chosen university. The invitation to study in Ukraine is the key basis to get a student visa and afterwards to receive the residence permit in Ukraine.

To get the invitation letter you must:

Select a program

Choose your university
in Ukraine

ID confirmation

Send us a copy of your international passport

Processing of data

Consent to having your personal data processed

Confirmation of the school diploma

Send us copy of your document from your previous education

Ask your manager to get information

Studying in Ukraine

What is an invitation to study?
How to get an invitation to study?

What is an invitation to study?

An invitation to study is the official document that grants a foreign student the right to obtain an entry visa for the purpose of study in Ukraine. The invitation is issued by the Department of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, namely the Center of International Education, upon a Ukrainian university request.
Therefore, in the list of necessary documents, the original invitation to study is the main document, which is submitted by anapplicant to the Embassy of Ukraine for receiving Ukrainian student visa. It is the evidence that the applicantis going to come to Ukraine exclusively for the study purpose and helps to prevent illegal migration and fraud when obtaining a student visa for Ukraine. So invitation to study in Ukraine is the main of requirements for Ukraine student visa.

How to get an invitation to study ForStudying in Ukraine?

1.At first, the applicant must decide what specialty he wants to apply, as well as in which university of Ukraine. It is best at this stage to ask an agent for help. Your education consultant, the EDUkraine company, will help you to choose the best university in Ukraine due to your budget.
2.Provide in high quality scanned or photographed copies of your documents:

 — international passport,
 — a document about the acquired education,
 — personal data processing consent form,
 — motivation letter (on university request).

It is required the international passport you can travel abroad by. Your national (internal) passport is not suitable, as the student visa is issued only in the international passport. And that’s why the copy of your international passport is the first document that certifies your identity and it number is entered in the Ministry of Education database and this number is written on your invitation to study in Ukraine. Therefore, if you plan to come to study abroad, then immediately do the international passport because without it is impossible even to begin your registration to study in Ukraine.

The document about the obtained school education confirms that you have already had secondary education and therefore have the right to gainthe higher education in Ukraine. If you want to study in Ukraine at the magistracy, you need to send a copy of the bachelor's degree diploma. It is necessary to send not only your certificate or diploma, but also the Diploma Supplement (transcript) with your marks (grades).  In fact, the average score of your grades will help to check if the university in Ukraine can take you to study. The fact is that for different countries there are different conditions for entry. For example, the ministry of education in your country sets the minimum average score, getting it all citizens of your country are eligible to study abroad. If your average grade is lower you simply will not be enrolled for study. Sometimes some countries give more strict orders, for example: "If the grade in English is E, then this student has no right to study abroad." The terms vary from country to country and may change over time, that is why you need to provide your diploma along with the transcript for checking by your agent. The agent, together with the university in Ukraine, will check your scores and tell you at once whether you can be enrolled. It will save you your money, time and vigor.

Consent for the processing of personal data is a standard document, which according to the Law of Ukraine should be signed by anyone who provides their personal data (for example, passport data) for data handling. If you do not have a signed consent, government agencies are not authorized to enter your personal data into the register of applicants and to issue you an invitation to study. Basically, it is such a formality, provided by law. Your agent will send you a template for this document, which you must print, sign and send a signed scan copy of this document back to your EDUkraine agent.

A motivational letter is the document that sometimes is required by some universities in Ukraine, but not always. In it you need to describe clearly why you want to come and studying in Ukraine, as well as why in the university. Your EDUkraine agent will write this letter correctly instead of you, so you can not worry about it.

3. Your EDUkraine consultant, together with the university, prepares your documents and sends a request to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, to the Department of International Education. Besides, the university or agent must pay the required taxes and fees to issue an invitation. Only then the request will be processed and your personal invitation to study will be issued. Usually this process takes from 1 to 7 days, but during the peak load can last 2-3 weeks. That's why it is advisable to prepare everything in advance.

4. Once your invitation to study is returned to the university, it is signed by the director of the university and is stamped on by the university. Now your invitation to study is ready! But that's not all.
5. You must necessarily receive the original of this invitation in your country and submit it to the Embassy of Ukraine for applying a study visa for Ukraine. As a rule, universities in Ukraine do not send invitations via mail, as it is expected that the student will arrive and take the invitation personally. Certainly, nobody flies for taking the invitation, because it is an extra flight cost - it's cheaper to pay for mail delivery and agent services. This means that your agent must arrive at the university, pick up your invitation and pay one more tax (the tax is called "visa support fee" and covers the expenses of the university for visa support of your invitation to study during its processing by the Embassy of Ukraine in your country), and after that send the invitation via international courier delivery service directly to your home in your country.

Sending of the original invitation takes from 5 to 14 working days depending on your place of residence and the conditions of the courier service. And now the first stage is completed - you have the original sample of the invitation to study in your hands and you can apply for Ukrainian student visa!
Studying in Ukraine

How much is the issuing of a personal invitation to study?

If you do everything by yourself, then you may get a fairly high cost fee, but if you entrust the work to us, then you can save your money and time. Please be advised that issuingthe invitation requires paying state taxes and fees, so no agent or university will make you an invitation to study without a prepayment.

The cost of issuing the invitation to study in our company EDUkraine - only $ 290. The cost of sending the invitation via international postal service is already included in this amount!

Arrangement for the payment:

1) The agent of EDUkraine helps you to choose a university, receives the necessary documents from you and analyses your chances to enter the university in Ukraine.
2) You pay an advance of $ 145 to make an invitation to study and cover the initial tax collection costs.
3) Your agent receives a ready invitation to study and sends you the photo of your invitation as proof of the done work.
4) You pay the second part of the cost of issuing the invitation - $ 145, and your agent pays from this amount a visa fee and the mail sending to your country fee.
5) You receive your invitation to study personally from the mail delivery courier.
You can watch short video clips about getting the invitation to study, as well as the experience of other foreign students who have already completed their studies in Ukraine - here.
And below you can see examples of ready-made invitations to study issued by our company.

How to get a visa for studying in Ukraine? Read about this in the next article.
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