How to study in Ukraine?

Step by step


How to become a student of Ukrainian University?


Choosing the university


Collecting the information: City, university, specialization and the budget for education


Interview with your manager


Collecting the documents for the admission to the university


Copy of your international passport


Consent to give personal information


Document confirming previous education. Financial provision


You receive the original invitation for the study


Receiving the visa


Verification and registration the documents


İnterview in the consulate


Arrival to Ukraine


Booking an accommodation


Assistance in purchasing airline tickets


Airport pick-up


You will receive the documents and following instructions for starting your study as soon as possible


Transfer to the accommodation place


Help with adaptation


Medical check-up


Opening a bank account


for relatives


Visa extension


And other services


How to study in Ukraine?

Study in Ukraine for international students - How to start?

We all know that the level of education in many countries and probably in your country, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. This is due to the fact, that the price and quality of education, shall we say, is incomparable with the Ukrainian. The prices for study in Europe, for example in Turkey, the specialization general medicine start at $ 50,000. And studying in Ukraine you can get 4 such educations with this money. Interestingly, the salary in the presence of a Ukrainian diploma will be comparable to the Turkish reality. The same situation is for the students from Africa, where is really hard and even impossible to get a quality education for affordable tuition fees. That is why every year more than 60 000 students from 140 countries as like Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, USA, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidzhan, Nigeria, Ghana, Ecuador, India, and China, comes to study in different universities of Ukraine. More recons to study in Ukraine you can find in the page Why study in Ukraine?
So why pay more? If you ask yourself this question, then in this article we will briefly consider how to enrol the university in Ukraine, and how can an international student come to study in Ukraine? Let's consider it step by step, and you also can see a scheme-description in our site.

How to study in Ukraine?

1. Selecting a university in Ukraine

Before we start, we need to decide on the direction in studying. As soon as we know the chosen specialty, we can easily select the appropriate university in Ukraine. To facilitate entering procedure you can enrol the preparatory department. The preparatory department is 6-12 month of study before entering a university where you will learn a language (in Ukraine it is possible to study both in Ukrainian and English languages), and you will get acquainted with the main disciplines of your future specialization. A diploma from the preparatory department will allow you to enter a university without any exams. Finding a place to study is an important step. We recommend not to do it by yourself, since you can choose the wrong specialty or higher tuition fees and later it can cause that you lose your time and money. More about study in Ukraine cost and fees you can read here.
Trust this to the professionals.
Study in Ukraine admission open: June - November (or November-January for the winter semester) and whole year for the preparatory department.

2.Preparation of documents

In Ukraine university a certain package of documents must be submitted for university entrance.

- Diploma of secondary education (school certificate, diploma from lyceum etc), with the transcript of your grades,
- Birth certificate,
- International Passport.

All these documents must be translated into Ukrainian language, apostilled and notarized. This can be done only in Ukraine and only before you will start studying in Ukraine universities. To save time and money, we recommend contacting Ukrainian education agencies and companies with a good reputation. Be careful for not running into scammers.

3.University admission in Ukraine

After you have decided on your place of study and prepared a full package of documents, you must pass it to the university personally. This can be done both independently and with the help of the organizing company. If everything is fine and your documents are accepted, you will receive an admission letter, and invitation letter to study. Why do invitation to study so important and how to get it - read more here.
As soon as you receive the original document, you need to apply to the Ukrainian consulate for obtaining a student visa to Ukraine. The process of obtaining a Ukraine student visa is not easy task. To facilitate the process and increase the chance of obtaining your student visa for Ukraine, we recommend contacting with our company. Read more about student visa requirements for Ukraine and Ukraine student visa fees here.

4.Accommodation in Ukraine

Most universities have their own hostels or student dormitories. Living in Ukraine as a student, namely living conditions in typical dormitories may not meet your expectations. For this, we recommend renting an apartment. On average, the apartment will cost $ 250-350 per month (depending on city of living). Many of international students rent apartment together with friends and it also really cheaper for all of them. However, as practice shows, in every country it is not easy for a foreigner to rent an apartment. The owners of the apartments are not willing to go to such deals, which is used by fraudsters. In order to eliminate this, you can not do without the help of the organizing company, which will be able to control the deal and protect you. We have a well made contracts and experience of searching and renting apartments for our students, so we will help you anytime with your accommodation.

5.Arrival to Ukraine

Important - according to the Ukrainian immigration law for the international students coming to Ukraine with study visa at the first time always need to be a representative person from the university, who will meet the student at the airport and will confirm that the aim of visiting is studying in Ukraine.
Upon arrival in Ukraine, you will need to get to your place of residence. You can do this with public transport or a taxi. But if you use the services of the organizing company from the very beginning, meeting in the airport and the transfer will be free for you.

6.Adaptation in Ukraine

It is a long-awaited day. You came to study. But you found that this is only the beginning of your life and study in Ukraine. You will need to: deal with public transport, undergo a medical examination, obtain a residence permit, go through the process of legalizing your diploma in Ukraine, etc. If you use the services of our organizing company, then you have nothing to worry about.
Based on the above, you can not do without the help of the organizing company. Our company EDUkraine cooperates with more than 100 educational institutions throughout Ukraine, and we work with students from more than 15 countries of the world.

We are happy to arrange for you:

- Choosing an educational institution and choosing the appropriate specialty
- Preparing, legalization, translating and notarizing the full package of documents required for entering the university, without the need for your arrival in Ukraine
- Sending an letter of invitation and fully organize the process of obtaining a study visa for Ukraine
- Assistance in renting a good apartment for good money in the city of your studying in Ukraine
- Meeting at the airport and taking to the place of residence
- Totally help with adaptation in Ukraine.

The full list of our services you can find here.
Apply and start your admission in Ukraine - don't wait and study in Ukraine now!