Bonus System

EDK earn bonuses and spend it in our bonus store.

Saving money with EDU BONUS system

What is EDK?

EDK – Bonus currency.

10 EDK (Bonus) = 1 USD.


Exchange the services for EDK bonuses cheaper than to buy them for USD.

The more you earn bonuses more services that you can get.

How does it work?

After signing the agreement the clients gets a virtual account for the sums of bonuses that equals the sums of services.

For example, after receiving the package for 1199$, you automatically get 1199$ bonuses. In USD the value of 1199$ equals 120$. The more services the more bonuses on your account. But that’s not all! During the process you can earn much more bonuses.

How to get more bonuses?

In the chart below you can find the term and conditions that will help you get more bonuses.

How to get more bonuses?

Bonus, EDK

Bonuses for getting a service package (Receiving more bonuses by getting more).

Depending on service package price

Payment on time.

30 (for each payment)

Giving your document on time for the next processing step
(Total 4 steps)

50 (for each step)

Refer a friend that will register to the program and come to Ukraine.


Short video of a positive review (a least 30 second edded on youtube).


Purchase of airline ticket in our company.


Advising us about your arrival to the airport (minimum 10 days before flight).


Receiving visa D.


Sucessfully establishing interview with the company representative.


After sales services-– Help with the education payment.


After sales services – help with visa extension (In Ukraine).


After sales services – Translating documents for the consulate to obtain visa.


After sales services – Provide invitation for study.


After sales services – visa support.


Selection of accomadation place during the studies in Ukraine.


Airport pick up.


Transfer from Airpot.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 1 month.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 2 month.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 3 month.


Tour for a first acquaintance with the city (Kiev)/ 1hour


İnvitation for relatives.


After sales services - Help with visa extension.


When do you start earning the bonuses?

After the signature the agreement and also during the formalization procedures.
Important – You can use earned bonuses of the service package (not additional services) only after your arrival to Ukraine.

How can I know how many bonus points do I have?

Ask your personal manager. İt is enough to tell him your membership number.

How to transfer my bonuses to US Dollars?

For example you have 1500 EDK points. To convert these points to USD you have to divide the total by 10. So 1500/10 =150USD.

How to use bonuses?

You can buy additional services or goods for bonuses only after buying an air ticket to Ukraine (5 days before arrival). The actual price-list for goods and services, you can visit our bonus store. Use your bonuses for 1 year from the date of signing the agreement, otherwise they will be lost.

Ask your manager to get information