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EDUkraine is a company which provides all sorts of educational services for foreigners in Ukraine. Our mission is to help each foreign students get quality education in Ukraine. EDUkraine - accessible educational technologies.

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Why education in Ukraine?

Quality education

Ukrainian education system is recognized as one of the best of Eastern Europe

Saving money

Ukrainian education – one of the most inexpensive educations of the world

Diploma is accepted in the world

Ukrainian diploma is accepted in most countries around the world

Internship abroad

The possibility of raising the level of education and have an internship abroad


Ukraine was ranked second in the ranking of countries with the cheapest Internet access in the world in 2017.

Our programs


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What do we offer?

General Service Package

The package includes:
19 services
with personal support from choosing
the University till adapting in Ukraine.


1. Choosing the university for education.
2. Choosing the specialization for education.
3. Providing invitation for study.
4. Medical insurance.
5. Selection the place of accommodation during the study in Ukraine.
6. Meeting at the airport/Transfer from airport.
7. Assistance in Visa processes.

Comparison chart of the service packages

Main services
Additional services
An option to refuse additional services
An option to buy additional services for EDK bonuses
"All Included"

Saving money with EDU BONUS system

What is EDK?

EDK – Bonus currency.

10 EDK (Bonus) = 1 USD.


Exchange the services for EDK bonuses cheaper than to buy them for USD.

The more you earn bonuses more services that you can get.

How does it work?

After signing the agreement the clients gets a virtual account for the sums of bonuses that equals the sums of services.

For example, after receiving the package for 1199$, you automatically get 1199$ bonuses. In USD the value of 1199$ equals 120$. The more services the more bonuses on your account. But that’s not all! During the process you can earn much more bonuses.

How to get more bonuses?

In the chart below you can find the term and conditions that will help you get more bonuses.

How to get more bonuses?

Bonus, EDK

Bonuses for getting a service package (Receiving more bonuses by getting more).

Depending on service package price

Payment on time.

30 (for each payment)

Giving your document on time for the next processing step
(Total 4 steps)

50 (for each step)

Refer a friend that will register to the program and come to Ukraine.


Short video of a positive review (a least 30 second edded on youtube).


Purchase of airline ticket in our company.


Advising us about your arrival to the airport (minimum 10 days before flight).


Receiving visa D.


Sucessfully establishing interview with the company representative.


After sales services-– Help with the education payment.


After sales services – help with visa extension (In Ukraine).


After sales services – Translating documents for the consulate to obtain visa.


After sales services – Provide invitation for study.


After sales services – visa support.


Selection of accomadation place during the studies in Ukraine.


Airport pick up.


Transfer from Airpot.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 1 month.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 2 month.


Personal coordinator after arrival to Ukraine - 3 month.


Tour for a first acquaintance with the city (Kiev)/ 1hour


İnvitation for relatives.


After sales services - Help with visa extension.


When do you start earning the bonuses?

After the signature the agreement and also during the formalization procedures.
Important – You can use earned bonuses of the service package (not additional services) only after your arrival to Ukraine.

How can I know how many bonus points do I have?

Ask your personal manager. İt is enough to tell him your membership number.

How to transfer my bonuses to US Dollars?

For example you have 1500 EDK points. To convert these points to USD you have to divide the total by 10. So 1500/10 =150USD.

How to use bonuses?

You can buy additional services or goods for bonuses only after buying an air ticket to Ukraine (5 days before arrival). The actual price-list for goods and services, you can visit our bonus store. Use your bonuses for 1 year from the date of signing the agreement, otherwise they will be lost.

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How to become a student of Ukrainian University?


Choosing the university


Collecting the information: City, university, specialization and the budget for education


Interview with your manager


Collecting the documents for the admission to the university


Copy of your international passport


Consent to give personal information


Document confirming previous education. Financial provision


You receive the original invitation for the study


Receiving the visa


Verification and registration the documents


İnterview in the consulate


Arrival to Ukraine


Booking an accommodation


Assistance in purchasing airline tickets


Airport pick-up


You will receive the documents and following instructions for starting your study as soon as possible


Transfer to the accommodation place


Help with adaptation


Medical check-up


Opening a bank account


for relatives


Visa extension


And other services


Why choose us?

7 years of experience

We know all the subtleties of the learning process and work in Ukraine. This allows us to save customer money.

Сomprehensive service

We offer comprehensive service packages which provides lower prices and increases quality of personal service for every single student.

Personal support

We personally accompany the student for all the steps from searching for courses up to complete adaptation to living in Ukraine.

Young multilingual team

Managers and representatives work both in the capital of Ukraine Kiev and in other countries

Bonus program

Each Client can earn the bonuses during the formalization procedures. All of the bonuses you earned you can change in our market for services or goods that will be useful in Ukraine

Service Package

Our service package includes all services that you need for your coming and starting your studying in Ukraine: from choosing the university till your full adaptation in Ukraine after arrival. It helps save money and don't miss something important during the preparation process.

Study in Ukraine 

Education system in Ukraine 

School period. From the age of 6-7 years (1-11 class). 

Education in Ukraine have always been compulsory for the last 100 years at least. Every child the age range of 6-7 years enters a general education school, where he or she will be enrolled for the next 9 or even 11 years. General education schools in Ukraine are divided into 2 types: technical and philological areas of expertise.

During the whole period of study in school, the child acquires a basic knowledge in general disciplines and in-depth knowledge in disciplines of school area of expertise. Sometimes they even could study medicine in Ukraine in some schools, or study some other specific professions as like computer engineering on basic level.
After obtaining a general secondary education, the student must choose where to continue his study. A student has only 2 options - to enter the college after the 9th grade, or to start the university admission in Ukraine or somewhere abroad after the 11th grade. Usually Ukrainian students choose universities in Ukraine instead of studying abroad. Let's be methodical about this and start from the beginning. 

Education system in Ukraine includes post-secondary education. It can be College for 1-4 years, or University for 1-6 years. Usually you could get a bachelor degree after finishing one of those schools. 

1.Study in Ukraine in College (1-4 years) 

After graduating from the secondary school, a student can choose studying at a college with the possibility of continuing his further studying at some university in Ukraine. Before entering the college after the 9th grade, the student chooses a specialty, which can be both technical and philological. In Ukraine medical colleges list is also very big so many students starts study medicine from there or in some nursing schools in Ukraine. Upon graduation from college, the student usually receives a junior bachelor's degree and is eligible to continue studying in Ukraine at the university from the 3rd year in his specialty with the aim of obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree. 

2. Study in Ukraine at University (Bachelor 4 years; Master 6 years) 

The second way to continue education in Ukraine after school is to enter the university after the 11th grade of the secondary school. Studying at the Ukraine universities for a chosen specialty lasts from 4 years (entitles you to a bachelor’s degree) up to 5,5 or 6 years (entitles you to a master’s degree). If you want to study at medical university in Ukraine be ready that studying medicine always lasts not less than 6 years. But at the same time studying Pharmacy or studying Dentistry at some medical universities in Ukraine usually lasts 5 years
You can read more about study medicine in Ukraine, mbbs and some of Ukraine medical university here
Anyway there are many non medical specialities which are very interesting and affordable. For example, many students in Ukraine university are studying engineering (from civil engineering, and computer engineering to even aviation engineering), languages, law and international relations, marketing and management, economics, scene art and filmmaking etc. So you can study in Ukraine every speciality you wish. And most of them are affordable for studying in English universities, so everyone could study in Ukraine in English. 
The most number of Ukrainian universities are located in Kyiv (Kiev), the capital city of Ukraine. You can read more about study in Kiev and about universities in Kyiv here
Continuing education after graduation from university. Post-university studies (2 Years)

Foreigners who come to study in Ukraine have the right to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees, or even finish some postgraduate courses. They can study in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages. Most of them chooses English language because there are a lots of English universities in Ukraine for international student. 

List of university in Ukraine for international student you can see here in this page. But of course it is not the full list, so it would better to consult with us to be sure of choosing the most appropriate option. 
If you are interested of cost of living Ukraine and generally about study in Ukraine cost read this page  and be sure that university fees in Ukraine are one of the cheapest in the world. 

EDUkraine will help to find high-quality education in Ukraine for international students. Examine our service package and read more about importance of educational agents help here in this page

Our company cooperates with each best university of Ukraine. 

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We will be glad to see you among our students. 
See you in Ukraine! 

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